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  • Arts – The Arts committee coordinates the art contests including art, photography, poetry, and short story with all the schools in the Mechanicsburg School District. There are member contests for the same categories and for crafts. The rules are established by GFWC and GFWC PA with competition at the local club level, district, and state levels. Several categories will compete at the GFWC level. The committee collects Pennies for Art donations to be sent to the state to fund the state art awards to students. The committee encourages members to participate and enjoy the arts in their community at live performances, classes, etc.

  • Bylaws – The Vice President and the Corresponding Secretary are the co-chairs of the Bylaws committee.  The committee, consisting of co-chairs and the executive board shall review the bylaws annually and make any proposed change at the March executive board meeting   Changes must be approved by two-thirds vote of the members present at the general meeting, provided the proposed amendment or revision has been sent in writing to the membership prior to the stated meeting.   The bylaws of the club shall be the authority for the procedure of the club and Robert's Rules of Order.  

  • Community Improvement Project – The Community Improvement Project is a special project that has been chosen by the President for the betterment of our community. 

  • Communications/Identity – The purpose of this committee is to inform club members and the community of the club's activities and special events that take place throughout the club year.  This is accomplished through the use of the club's yearbook, newsletter, and articles and pictures submitted to the media and the Internet.

  • Federation  – The Federation Committee serves as the liaison to GFWC Pennsylvania and GFWC International which are our sister organizations.  Information and project ideas for all of the other committees are shared with our club.  This committee also communicates details about upcoming events such as the Summer Leadership Conference, Fall District Meeting and the District Festival of Arts which all clubwomen are encouraged to attend.

  • Finance – This committee consists of the President, President-elect (chairperson), Vice President, Fundraising Chairman, and any other club member deemed necessary by the chairperson.  The committee is responsible to prepare the annual budget to be adopted no later than the last scheduled meeting of the general membership for the current club year.  The committee is also responsible for creating the recommended disbursements for the club from funds raised in the previous year.

  • History/Log book –  The History Book is maintained for the local chapter.  It includes club awards, newspaper articles, pictures of events and general information regarding club activities.  This is an “on going” project maintained by the volunteer clubwoman for the duration of each president’s term in office.  The History Book is passed on to the next volunteer to continue capturing future events.  A Log  Book contains articles, pictures, newspaper clippings and activities of the club.  The Log Book is personalized for the current president of our chapter.  Information is collected by all club members and given to the individual responsible for maintaining the Log Book. 

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Are you aware of a worthy organization or special project in need of financial assistance? Apply for a donation by completing and submitting the Donation Request Form by March 1st. Requests may be made by club members or the organization representative. Questions may be directed to the current President-Elect.

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